New RSS Feed, Dolphins Sing Batman, Lush Pixels


Aye~! Skynoise is shifting to a new RSS Feed address, via Feedburner, a site/service that makes it easier for anyone to subscribe to this blog with whatever software they are using, and provides other feed related stats and services. So if you could shift to ze new feed address, that’d be grand. Apologies to current subscribers, but it’ll be for the best in ze long run. Bonus round-o-links to ease the pain>>

Dolphins can now sing the Batman Theme( via warrenellis )

My Favourite French audiovisual act, Gang Pol Und Mit, now have a New Video Online ( click video ).

And brace yourself for the sheer pleasure of ( both the phrase and the uplifting music ):Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Body Workout (MP3s)

Autobot Roulette:

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