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Spreadeagled in dental chairs, all throbbing teeth and spindly hearts, a world of you await their fate. Were 4 buxom dentists to rollerskate into the room, gorilla costumes bulging beneath their white suits, their name badges would probably read : “Al, Chris, Henry & Rich”, and no doubt, they’d be carrying buckets of homebrewed anaesthetic. Indeed in an oft sterile world of Lectronic music, tis a pleasure to come across such musical moonshiners as those at weviestonder.com. Putting the ape back in apocalypse, ladies & gentlemen: ‘Wevie Stonder’.
wevie stonder

if you were to play on a desert island (eg Australia ) what could we expect?
A> Sight akin to a village idiots festival of music & mime.
C> Marsupial interference.
H> The unexpected.
R> Something like when stunts go bad rocking all over the world live in Pompeii.

Do you have any quarantine issues when touring?
C> We only interfere with indigenous lifeforms in their own environment, so no.
H> The monkey and the rat seem to get us through customs every time with no problems, sometimes we have a 2m cock which tours with us and that has caused slight delays.

What’s the Wevie Stonder approach to ‘music technology’?
C> If it ain’t broke chimp it.
H > Sort of backwards on a gently curving trajectory with butt cheeks spread.
R> Best foot foward, start as you mean to go on, shoot from the hip, and leave the arguing to someone else.
A> I do it.

And how does the animal kingdom integrate into your creative processes?
C> Like a shoehorn. Without its curved assistance we’d all be in our socks staring at footwear.
H > Ask not what the animal kingdom can do for you but what you can do for it.
R> Chickens were quite keen ducks and geese a bit slow to respond.
A> It is a constant source of inspiration.

What do you know about Australian wild-life?
( sample true story: Just this year, 22 year old Luke Tresoglavic was snorkeling off a beach near Newcastle when a ‘small’ wobbegong shark bit into his left leg. Unable to remove the feisty ‘little’ bugger, Luke swam 300metres to the beach with the shark attached to his leg. Unfortunately the two sunbathers on the beach were unable to pry the shark’s mouth open, and so Luke got into his car, wedged the shark against his gearstick and drove to the local surfclub – where the shark was drowned in freshwater and removed from Luke’s leg. True story~!! )
C> I’ve seen the photos. Boy took it in his stride like a trooper.
A> Strewth.
H> You fuckers!!! we were wondering where our manager had got to.

How’d you get David Attenborough to rap about baboons for you? ( I mean it sounds so much like im 😉
C> It sounds like him but it is actually his younger brother Ronald. Got him cheap as chips.
H> We bummed him.
A> Henry
R> No comment

Obviously a movie or at least telemovie is in the works, given your emphasis on storytelling -who stars in it, and what’d be the major themes in a Wevie Stonder film?
H> A gay version of mad max starring your good self.
C> A musical serial killer Buddy Cop movie in which the killer ‘shines’ his (French Philosophy professor) victims to death with Brasso whilst singing tunes from “Fiddler On The Roof”. Hopefully we’ll get Burt Lancaster to play the lead (if he isn’t dead.? Think he might be dead… Even better, the killer is already dead before the start of the film! OK scrap the whole idea. Back to the drawing board).
R> The darts musical.
A> Starring Eric Bristow.

Dispel the myths – Wevie Stonder are actually members of Monty Python &/or the Goodies?
C> No, we are in fact Bernard Manning.
H> Them’s fightin words boy!
R> No, you got that wrong.
A> Henry was in the goons tho’.

The most common emotions felt in the Wevie Stonder backstage spa?
C> Before a gig, gladness. After a gig, baldness.
H> Nausea, colonic cramps& continuous ejaculation
R> Bother
A> Pity

Which 3 websites bring you nearest to tears?
H> www.getalifeferfucksake.pissuparopefuckstick.com
R> world beard championships, dogsincars.co.uk, and the other one
A> weviestonder.com, but not for that reason.

Your major skateboarding influences?
H> Your momma.
R> Something to do with a dream Russ had, better not go into it.
A> boredom

What sort of things do Wevie argue about?
C> We can argue about absolutely anything.
H> Who can drink the most, whos taken most drugs and which of the Wevie quadruplet twins really won the speed skating junior championships back in 88′
R> Diamonds and pearls.
A> Bass players & singing.

Next up – a cabaret-dub album with WEEN, or something I didn’t imagine?
C> A re-invention of the historic Swiss Cheese Industry.
H> Ask Ween.
A> Austalian tour (Go on), new album for Skam, dvd, T-shirt & shorts set, mugs & a darts musical.

What have you learned about pop music lately?
C> That it’ll probably outlive me. More’s the pity.
H> It taught us everything we know but not everything Herb Alpert knew.
R> Love it.
A> Am still learning.

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