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Apparently they don’t serve up German Blood Sausages on the menu too often, in the coastal nooks and crannies just below Sydney. Not that this has in any way stunted the growth, or wearied the smile of remix rascal & one of cut and pastries finest : Guy / 7U?.

Hows a boy in a beach-suburb south of Sydney end up on the UK’s ‘musically absurd’ V/VM label?
My love affair with v/vm was long and drawn out like an eternal flame. I met him during the T.I.N.A festival a couple of years back after sending him packages for a few years – he let a whole mess of us sleep on the floor of his lush hotel room for the weekend. The Dual Plover fellas put on a show for him in Sydney at which they were kind enough to give me a support slot where I was ‘discovered’ so to speak.

What’s the cannibal scene like south of Syd?
The cannibalisation of popular culture or the eating of human flesh..?? I guess they go hand in hand really, both are healthy in my opinion but always remember vegetarians taste better.

What do you like about your Rank Sinatra album, CHAIRMAN OF THE BORED?
The pure emotion I have poured into these timeless classics. Some may think I’m taking the piss, but it really is from the heart, I think, or hope that comes across on the album.

Some of your favourite Rank Sinatra lyrics?
The line from “never tear us”, a track I did with null object – ”if i hurt you I’ve had far too many beers”

What attracts you to poultry?
As a child I kept all manner of poultry,back in the old country,Goulburn. And I guess the birds have gone but the sentiment remains, you just can’t keep a good bird down. See my sy:co offshoot label Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society, the name in itself is appropriated so it’s rather fitting for the label.

What’s been happening in System-Corrupt-ville?
its ridiculous just how much is going on at the moment. Highlights in the coming months include, Toecutters debut album, Maladroit’s new 12″, the second GPFS comp and Rainbow Crucifiction our annual christian trance party.

What weird things have u got in the mail lately, and where can people send you more?
I love snail mail it holds a special place in my heart along with a lot of other redundant technology. I recently received the most incredible mail I’ve ever received, a 70’s McDonalds instructional manual for the Ronalds they used to have imprisoned in every store – its a strict guide to applying Ronald’s costume and make up with lines such as “The fact that he is a corporate spokesman should not overshadow his “clownness””, the Ronalds are free today but the memory remains. people can send expressions of weirdness to po box R420 royal exchange 1225 nsw australia and I will usually send back a package of miscellaneous debris.

Weirdest webpages ou’ve come across?
Google “hats of meat” – hands down fashions finest moment.

Web-plugs for your various guises? in the artists section under Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society, 777? and Rank Sinatra tshirts and other tomfoolery v/vms test records

Wassup with the new act – DJ Rainbow Ejaculation & when’s the next show?
Some new material I’m working on, unrelenting arse pumping gabber, I’m surprised I wasn’t booked for mardi gras, no sydney shows as yet but keep your eyes peeled.


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