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Peacocks are fantastic synchronised swimmers. Even more remarkable is their ability to sync their fine-feathered manoeuvres, while swimming in ponds that may be as far as 2000km apart. Humans have a few sync-tricks up their sleeve, even if they do involve thumb strain or mouse-hand rsi. And we do such wonderful things with technology. Just ask Aerial, a self described ‘plastic shaman’, and researcher about the use of latex & resonators (inflatables) – for enhancing meditation, yoga & spiritual development. That URL if you missed it?

What first attracted you to latex as a child?
It was the way it felt and sounded. It were mainly latex balloons – their warm, smooth, elastic surface – partly also the static electricity of them and the way they droned when drumming with fingers on them.

What did you do with your “first red, rubber band” ?
I likely stretched it, felt it and played “guitar” on it, but balloons were much more interesting – the rubber bands in a kitchen table drawer were just the 1st elastic rubber objects I got in contact with in my early childhood.

What were your “strange, energizing childhood fantasies” about latex?
I often inflated plastic bags and tried to sit or lie upon them. I often tried to lie or sit on cylindrical balloons and was very annoyed when they didn’t survive. I also remember an experience with a pink, cylindrical balloon that smelled particularly awful and made my hands smell for 1 or 2 days,which I found quite eerie at that time. But mostly I sat just there, embraced a latex balloon and dreamed /sort-of meditated with it. A key experience in my life and my fascination for latex was also a TV show in that a bodybuilder inflated by mouth a hot water bottle until burst. I often thought about how big rubber gloves could inflate, and before sleeping I often visualized slowly inflating ones.

What does latex offer those in search of transcendental experience?
That’s a very complex topic. I am consciousness researcher and one of my main research topics is the resonator technology, based on the particular capability of inflatable latex objects to intensify and modify the perception of bodily vibrations to synchronize brain waves. This helps to learn and intensify meditation (a similar concept like bio-feedback; more explanations can be found on my site).

A goal of mine is to develop a device to make enlightenment available for everyone. What we yogi call enlightenment is a neuro- cybernetical process which leads to the activation of previously unused brain areas and though (besides others) enables human beings to gain a much more comprehensive, holistical understanding of the universe. Read also the page “The metaphysical secrets of latex” on my site.

What other materials have similar benefits?
None are directly comparable. Normal PE plastic bags also can function as resonators, but much worse. Most other rubber sorts seem to be toxic – I got e.g. a very bad silicone poisoning from pranayama experiments with a silicone swimcap – see “swimcap resonators” page in the pictures section.

How much latex do you have in your house?
I have multiple dozens of normal resonators (rubber glove and swimcap type etc.), about a dozen hot water bottles, 2 latex cushions and I have bought parts for building a physio-kundalinih resonance suit of latex, and I have also bought some latex sheeting to build trance equipment from.

How often a day do you touch latex, and how?
Sometimes I meditate with resonators in my bed, but mainly I meditate and experiment the entire sunday with latex resonators to stabilize the operating point of my nervous system. I am a sort of modern alchemist and do a lot of different stuff with latex. I mainly meditate by gently squeezing them against the body and concentrate myself to their vibrations. Often I pray for world peace during this. I sometimes also do elastAyama (inflating to the limit) with new resonators.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “with certain *interdimensional assistance* I began to research the working principles of yoga and learned how to apply inflated membrane structures as resonators”?
I got spiritual visions by my enlightenment, where I was instructed to develop technologies to ease enlightenment for the mankind.

Describe what latex feels like to a person trapped inside a bubble all their life for medical purposes, unable to touch the outside world?
That’s a silly question. To me latex feels like absolute harmony – something like personified tenderness or a mystical essence of pure bioenergetic lifeforce and cosmic balance.

What latex dreams have you had?
As a child I e.g. sometimes dreamed/ fantasized about floating around on top of or inside a huge latex toy balloon, or about tiny rubber sofas those can safely inflate to giant size. But nowadays I rather dream about resonators or inflatable latex suits or strange latex diving suits etc.

Future latex plans?
I plan to build the Physio-Kundalinih Resonance suit. On my site I want to add more latex DIY tips – particularly about building such a PKR suit and also about latex alchemy things like non-toxic latex gluing or which unusual plants can be used to make latex rubber from – but currently I have no time for this.

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