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Trapeze hands raw like sushi, escape from the party meant perfectly sync-ing a 3 storey swing with fairylights to a rapidly approaching motorcyclist below. Unsquinting at the task, the fresh from artskool babe landed on the beat in the swivelling sidecar beside the suave and lanky scientist whose genetically modified scarf flapped calmly in the breeze. The dashing duo silhouetted in the setting sun, were of course, Sydney’s Eye-Fi, motion graphic specialists on their way to an important interview:

The Eye-fi Audiovisual experience in your words?
2 speed video gear change. hi or low is the way we go.

What technology and processes do u enjoy using?
Eyefi enjoy tending our a/v crops. they grow and we harvest them. Over the fast last 5 years our process has changed. We used to sample + recomp + program image/effect sequences, but now we design + animate from scratch and access tanks of QTmovies. Effects come later in the design and patch process.

What crops are on the Eye-fi farm?
Mutant crop rotation, now havesting with nato… and minimal design

How much do eye-fi hi-5 the lo-fi?
Love lo-fi. Many powerbook artists who use the p.b. as fx unit are suffering from low frame rates. now it just looks like the fashion.

Inspiring artists / events at the moment?
Visomat.de :: nam jun paik :: all music video clips ::fashion tv…the endless catwalk mixed with cheap & nasty graphics :: L.E.D. screens :: try to catch the bbc world news every 15mins :: go to ars electronica, austria :: get out of australia.

3 technologies u’d like 2 invent?
001 powerbook with 8 video out puts using nato to control.
002 telephone in a shoe
003 bioports for everyone

Reasons people should visit http://eyefi.tv?
eyefi.tv is for the slow laidback net user who likes waiting to load up.

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