Cumbia Cosmonauts Music Video

Above : more proof that Space Is The Place…. at least when it comes to Mexi-Australian tropical bass genres. That’s the fruits of a few quick projection and filming sessions with the Cumbia Cosmonauts, featuring custom graphics made by the CC VJ … Continue reading

by j p, November 21, 2012 0 comments

A Brief History Of VJing in Australia

Here’s the longer, unedited version of ‘A Brief History Of VJing in Australia’ – an article written in 2004 for Cyclic Defrost. ( see their edit ) OZ Vidi-yo History “Let there be sound… Let there be light… Let there … Continue reading

by j p, January 27, 2005 4 Comments

Dorkbots @ EF04

Fond of getting their electrical freak on, The International Dorkbot ‘movement’ is an interconnected hard & software hacking community of sorts, spread from Barcelona to Mumbai, Rotterdam to Melbourne and San Francisco. Members of Dorkbot Ghent, the Belgian node of … Continue reading

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