Week 6: Preparing for Projection Mapping

Context for this week:

Preparing for projection mapping, and revisiting videos from earlier in the semester… to see how our new ideas about animation and projection mapping, might shape our perspectives of them.

Upcoming talk on Sunday (see bottom of page) : King Kong the musical 

anti-vj (Do these videos seem less mysterious now?)

Dandy Punk (and another) (What animations would need to be made? How would they be aligned with surfaces? How could the relationship between video and action/performance be improved?)

Pompaloose (plenty of clever, simple, lo-fi techniques used here)


– Outline your project idea in one succinct sentence.
– Describe your project aims.
– Describe how video is being used to enhance / clarify / amplify your aims
– Describe any ways performance will be determine the video

Creating Templates for Animation + Projection Mapping

Examples using photoshop + photos. (example 1, + example 2, using photos to create masks for use in VJ software)

Example using madmapper spatial scanner

After Effects Exercise:

Think about what elements you might need to create for your video project. With these in mind, create a very simple styled test of the these ideas.

– Make a perfectly looping video.
– Make a 5 second split-screen video with 4 different squares. Render three different versions of this.
Version 1: 1 x 5 second video, all 4 rectangles active with different videos in each rectangle.
Version 2:  1 x 5 second video, all 4 rectangles active with different videos in each rectangle – but re-arranged differently.
Version 3: Alternate through all 4 videos, having only one rectangle of video active at any moment.


New ipad app: Vidibox (potentially useful for triggering clips, not for mapping though, so it’d need to be for projections that suited a surface.)

Other iPad / iPhone Mapping Apps:

PRSPCTV : “A simple tool for projection mapping. You can map image texture or movie texture to quad surface in real scene.” (+ website) ($3.99)
The Light Art iPAD app: “enables anyone with an iPad and a projector to create their own colorful projection mapped installations. Based on the Sku Lights concept developed by Erick Calderon, Light Art uses basic mapping principles that allow the user to project on a variety of individual surfaces. The visual effect is achieved by projecting exclusively on the desired surface, with the remaining portions of the installation remaining dark.” ((Note – only projects colours, not video content, onto mapped areas. $9.99)

(See also: Tagtool – allows for live animation and painting with projectors… not mapping pre-made video)

iOS / Android apps for controlling software on a computer:

Touch OSC

Lemur ( iOS only )
Miditouch ( iOS only )

Upcoming Events:

April 13, 2PM: Open Lab : 136a Cromwell Street, Collingwood
Guest Speakers: 
Robin Fox ( Multimedia artist working with lasers, sound, theremins + electronics )
Felipe Reynolds (Set designer and Animatronics – including How To Train Your Dragon, Walking With Dinosaurs + King Kong)

Constructing Situations

Week 5: Spatial Design For Video
Week 4: Compositing with After Effects
Week 3: Editing With Premiere
Week 2: Planning for Video
Week 1: Introduction to Video Possibilities

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