Week 4: Compositing with After Effects

This Week’s Context:

– Understanding Photoshop and compositing with layers
– Animating and adjusting clips over time with After Effects

Example Videos

What is Motion Design?

Etereas (Combining animation/motion graphics with video)

Nervous Structure ( installation video )

Exercise With Photoshop

Cut-out one character from any image.
Create three versions of that character – one with normal colour, one with stylised colour, and one with a new head from an animal.
Save as a PSD of image size 640×480 with three layers.

Recommended Tutorials From Lynda.com
– Photoshop CC One-on-One: Fundamentals
2. Getting Around ( understanding the photoshop interface )
4. Using Layers ( how layers work in photoshop – relevant for Premiere and After Effects too )
9. Select and Edit ( How to select portions of an image or video ( also relevant to Premiere & AE )
(Also useful, worth learning over time: 3. Image Size and resolution / 5. Saving your progress / 7. Adjusting Luminance / 8. Adjusting Colours )

Exercise with After Effects

-Start a new composition of size 640×480
– Place your video clip from last week onto a timeline ( or use and download this creative commons videoclip from archive.org )
– adjust the colours over time.
– Place your 3 characters into the video at different times.
– Add a shape or solid somewhere on your timeline.
– Explore blending modes between layers
– Introduce an effect on one of your characters
– Introduce an effect on your background clip.
– Export as a 640×480 movie.

After Effects CC Essential Training Videos at Lynda.com  
– working with keyboard shortcuts
– 1. The Fundamentals of After Effects 
esp Exploring the interface – and – the six foundations of After Effects
– 2. Up and Running with After Effects (all / or as you many as you can fit in)
((and Sections 3,4, 5 are the most relevant for the rest of the semester..))


Today’s Links:

makeymakey : worth considering for interactive performances – need to order soon!
VDMX : software for triggering and manipulating clips ( mac only )
AV Mixer Lite (€5 lite version of software for triggering clips / mac + pc)
Madmapper : software for mapping video.

Upcoming Events:

April 4-6: Game Jam @ Goodtime Studios in Carlton, Melbourne. http://www.medialabmelbourne.com.au/news/play-parameters-game-jam/
This is a free event. Register your interest by March 28th by signing up here. Be ready to make and play your project at the game jam!


Constructing Situations

Week 3: Editing With Premiere
Week 2: Planning for Video
Week 1: Introduction to Video Possibilities


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