Ghostly Forest Projections Near Hanging Rock

For the TZU ‘Beautiful’ music video, I recently found myself out near Hanging Rock, with plastic-wrapped laptop, projector, camera, lights, and a mini-crew – filming ghost projections in the night winter rain. Despite the weather drastically mismatching the supposed forecast, slowing everything to a … Continue reading

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Form + Code Review

Aye, Form + Code is the new book for Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams + LUST, which carves it’s academic credibility by having not only one, but two, subtitles: a) In Design, Art, And Architecture b) A Guide to Computational Aesthetics. … Continue reading

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Sky Noise Polaroids Essay

Companion essay submitted during post-grad studies @ Griffith Uni, Brisbane 2002, for the short film, Sky Noise Polaroids. by Jean Poole “..the revolutions in telecommunications, media, intelligence gathering, and information processing they unleashed have coincided with an unprecedented sense of … Continue reading

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Software Updates

While tis easy to think of each New Year as merely another line in the sand, let’s not forget that a prime component of sand is silicon (dioxide), that wonderful tetravalent metalloid which makes up a near quarter of the … Continue reading

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