Bees, Journalists, Honeypots

“With every revolution, from wood to coal, from coal to oil and now from oil to the renewables, profits have increased. That’s just the way the world is. I would like to see business people rewarded for doing the right … Continue reading

by j p, March 20, 2009 1 Comment

Scratch Video Software : Mix Emergency 1.1

Pixel-hungry Serato turntablists have a new tool in their arsenal, Mix Emergency, available from What It Is, What It Is If my mum asked me, I’d say – DJs got tired of carrying milk crates full of records around, … Continue reading

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The Pirate Bay Spectrial

Sweden is at centre of the technology world this week, with a major court case happening in Stockholm between some of the world’s largest media companies (Warner Bros, MGM, EMI, Colombia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sony BMG and Universal), and … Continue reading

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Resolume Avenue Review

Looks like it’s audiovisual kick-ass-o-clock over at They’ve totally revamped version 3 of their VJ software, included comprehensive audio controls, and made it available for both mac and PC. Basic Interface Concepts Okay. VJ software. Living mixing of clips. … Continue reading

by j p, December 19, 2008 2 Comments

Obama’s Hybrid Electricities

“It’s like someone who understands and values technology and the Internet was elected President.” David Weinberger ( Small Pieces Loosely Joined, Everything is Miscelleanous, Extraordinary week, seeing U.S.A. and the rest of the world embrace Barack Obama’s claiming of … Continue reading

by j p, November 7, 2008 5 Comments

This is Not Art Turns Ten

2008 marks a decade of the TINA festival, which each year brings together people from all ends of the country ( and globe) to Newcastle for a weekend of gigs, workshops, exhibitions, installations, panels and general mayhem. It’s actually an … Continue reading

by j p, September 29, 2008 1 Comment

Net Lag : Vapour Trails Oct 9th

While we can enjoy the fruits of being hyperconnected today – we have each other’s reading, listening and viewing habits at our fingertips, we can distribute globally on a whim – what creative performance options exist for real-time collaboration? Remember … Continue reading

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Abre Ojos, Big Square Eye, Digital Fringe 08

Amusing as the U.S. election is to watch on news channels, or terrifying if you’re watching it via the Comedy Channel’s Daily Show, just sometimes, you don’t feel like having a herd of cattle flying overhead, dumping manure on you … Continue reading

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