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google chrome
Google, as part of fanfare for their new open source web browser, Google Chrome, released a comic to explain it, detailing their views on the problems with browsers to date, and their take on solutions. Radly, the comic was made by everyone’s favourite instructional comic maker, Scott McCloud ( why are his instructional comics about how to make comics so great, and his actual comics not so? ), who reliably manages to distil the complexities of web technology into an easily comprehensible visual form. It’s a 38 pager and includes a host of new features ( eg separate processes per tab so if one tab crashes the whole browser doesn’t ) and underlying technologies that aim to improve the overall browser experience, and let’s face it, maximise uptake of google technologies. After reading through it though, and having had to deal with teaching HTML workarounds to students because of Internet Explorer’s refusal to adhere to International Web Standards, gotta say the Google Overlord approach seems much more beneficial to everyone than that of the Microsoft Overlords.

The Google Chrome browser itself is due out in a few days. ( Like that logo too!)

See also, Francis Bear’s comic-book take on Scott’s latest book, Making Comics.

UPDATE : Says Franz, ‘for those too lazy to click through the comic you can download it as an ebook PDF here‘. Or check the 4-Chan-ned remixes.
google chrome

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  1. for those too lazy to click through the comic you can download it as an ebook PDF here

  2. thanks for the link to the PDF. funny thing, some people have even managed to sell this on eBay.

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