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Visual curators and connoisseurs abound on ze web, scraping together ‘news services’ for the wow brain. A few faves of late below.

Dark Roasted Blend(.com)
Presumably takes a special breed of hyper-caffeinated noodler to maintain this kinda relentless flow of delicious. On a given day, spectacular cloud formations, bizarre roadsign collections, an amphibious cars photo series, and it was worth subscribing for one picture alone this week – a photo of someone dressed up as a robot holding a cup for spare change and a sign that reads “Replaced by CGI, please help”.

Generator.x: Generative strategies in art & design
Evolutionary architecture, interface exploration, interactive design, snapshots and provocations related to generative art. Thumbs up.

Suzanne G
Squirrels, squids, and not for the squeamish. Victorian era delicacies slipped into a macabre sci-fi blender. A browse of the archives will reveal cuteness and blood in equal measure, an animal kingdom perverted, mechanical oddities, regular snapshots of gorgeous contemporary art, and ultimately, the very quirky yet refined tastes of 1 x Suzanne G.

Hiphop and grafitti flavoured filter for all things visual. This might be a plastic toy design, an album cover, a Japanese robot, street art in South America, or whatever else tickles at the time.

Bit heavy on the fashion/gadget stakes, but the sheer volume of links inevitably unveils a daily wonder.

Ongoing sketches uploaded for others to goggle at – whimisical, perverse, improbable.

New York based VJ who regularly posts video snippets of his max patch experiments, and recently linked to an eyebeam video interview where he discusses his process.

The Perry Bible Fellowship
Nicholas Gurewitch brings the absurd pen and ink noise webside with weekly comics including such hits as ‘Boy Scout Condom badge, The Dreamcatcher 3000, & trampoline hero.

Activate Comics Collective
Rad collection of weekly updated comics by a rad crew, including Dan Goldman of ‘Kelly’ and ‘Shooting War’ fame. We’re talking a dozen or so fine comics updated everyweek in the one convenient location. Bellisimo!

Discovered this recently via kottke, and it’s a pretty addictive eyeball fix, each click taking to another array of related imagery. Some social-web functions as well, can get lost in here. Wonder if sites like this will be made redundant to some extent when digg.com finally launches it’s image ranking functions.

Would Subscribe In a Heartbeat
To : a sketchbook by runwrake.com.
To : an extension of the stupendous Leviathan comic by Peter Blegvad.
To: a blog of dream cartoons by Aleksandar Zograf, a Serbian cartoonist with a unique capacity to capture and transmit his vivid dreamlife.
And you have to like someone who has work in an exhibition titled POOR IS A COUNTRY THAT NEEDS SUPERHEROES TO SAVE IT.

( Prefer real life superheroes? Welcome some of these people into your life. )

Dairy Shout Outs :

Or, last night a slab of cheese saved my life, buon giorno : ‘mozzerella de bufala‘.

Autobot Roulette:

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