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Prone to procrastination? Call it research instead. Drop a comment to add to this list of worthwhile pixel haunts.

Web Illustrators
francis bear
http://drawn.ca – The mother lode of drawn imagery, introducing 10 new sites / illustrators per day, which usually reveals something extraordinary no matter your visual tastes. The archives therefore oozing with all kindsa visual surprises.
www.comicslifestyle.com – international but very aus-friendly comics hub/blog/portal/community/propoganda disseminator/experiment/fun.
www.belfry.com/comics/index.php – Try *not* to find 3 web comics worth reading daily from this huge directory.
www.woostercollective.com – More ‘street art’ actually, but relentless, global and at its best an enchanting collection of inventive, delightful art in the streets.
http://blogs.iloha.net/francis – The comic adventures of Francis Bear, via Coburg, Melbourne.
http://forepaw.org – Melbourne based monthly drawing collective. ( PDFs to see onsite )
http://pulphope.blogspot.com – Regular images and their dissection / contemplation from Paul Pope to you.
www.warrenellis.com – Aside from dystopian future observations, Warren keeps a regular splash of photos and illustrations, ranging from the sublime and evocative to the absurd and perverse.
http://diburtimentos.blogspot.com – Just love these weird-assed drawings.
http://tokyoblog.livejournal.com – Great comic journal kept by a visitor to Tokyo who took ‘requests’ via his site for adventures he would try and complete in Japan, then draw a short comic about.

Photoshop Chops
Usually down the daft end of the spectrum, but some great imagery is spawned from the web’s collection of photoshop contests :
photochopz.com, fark.com, worth1000.com, somethingawful.com, photoshopcontest.com, pixeladdiction.com, http://mechapixel.com and http://aliencelebrities.com/contests.html should be enough research for now.

B3tards from www.b3ta.com are regularly creating all sorta animated oddities, usually spammed out in their own e-newsletter which has gained quite a notoriety. One such B3tard is mutated monty / cyriak who has made the best skateboarding godzilla animation you are likely to see this year. Still on the photo tip, try flickr.com’s “interestingness” photos or subscribing to various ‘tags’ to get an ongoing feed of photos of your desire.

Video / Animation
Likewise there’s a gazillion various video sharing sites available now to throw keywords into and wander around. And a gazillion torrent sites with categories upon categories of downloads to explore ( eg talking hot dogs in LSD case study. Video blogs are a nice filter to keep on top of all this though:

http://videos.antville.org – Still the best collection of regularly updated music video links.
http://typolis.net/shortsville – Companion site for short films.
http://www.splitscreen.us – ‘Dedicated to the art of the split screen and multi-layered visuals’.
http://tvinjapan.com/blog – On TV. In Japan. Which inevitably means many brain hertz.(interview here)
http://ticklebooth.com – Well selected, contextualised short films, music videos.

The World Is An Amazing Place
http://monkeysforhelping.blogspot.com – Fun.ny stuff. Look for Turkish Star Wars, Turkish Spiderman, Turkish Superman, and the animated Planet of the Apes no more. Lotsa links, but as the author might write themselves, also comes with “Boss writing. Ice cold.”
www.we-make-money-not-art.com – More oddball electronic art projects, ideas and unexplainables than any one brain should be capable of taking in.
http://googlesightseeing.com – Skin of the planet, stretched to fit your browser. (Beware of low-flying google-mapping-aeroplanes. )
www.kirchersociety.org/blog – Provocative vintage oddities. Only place I’ve ever come across a dog powered tricycle.
www.notcot.org – Bit on the object/gadget fetish side, but enough weirdness to balance out the diet.
www.ektopia.co.uk/ektopia – As above, but with more of a graf flavour.
www.wurzeltod.ch – Adorable collections of the whimsical, esoteric and enchanting. Double plus good.

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