David Lynch : Fishing With A Toothbrush

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David Lynch’s Inland Empire ( official site, wikipedia background on it ) is slowly getting around, it’s distribution mirroring the unusual and independent path of it’s production. Wired magazine recently published a long uncut interview with the man behind much memorable cinema. He talks about his creative process, his daily weather report on his website, and the founding of a transcendental meditation foundation.

Lynch: OK, I’ve been working on this book called Catching the Big Fish, and it’s all in there. It’s changed for me. It’s gotten better. If it just stayed the same or got worse, I’d stop meditating. People get up and brush their teeth. They brush their teeth so they don’t get cavities, right?

Lynch: But if they brushed their teeth and were able to dive within to contact that pure ocean of bliss and consciousness, they’d get a huge blast of euphoric energy and be wider awake. And that ball of consciousness would expand over time, so they would really look forward to brushing their teeth every day.

It always strikes me as amazing that everyone doesn’t meditate. Because they haven’t had that transcendent experience, they don’t think they’re missing anything. I was in the same boat. I never had that, or I didn’t know I ever had it, and I was curious. I wanted it. And that’s the key thing: You’ve got to want it, even if you don’t know why. Something is there that you feel but do not know.

But I’ve always felt that there were other things to life that were not so obvious. Everyone sort of feels that there is more in the world than meets the eye, and its pull grows stronger and stronger, until they say, “I want to know what the full potential of a human being is. I want to unfold that for myself. I don’t want to stay exactly the same as I am. I want to rapidly move forward.”

Mininova has a link to trial David Lynch reading his audiobook “Catching the Big Fish_ Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity”.. and it can be bought here.

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  1. new lynch interview podcast @ http://www.culturecatch.com
    havent heard it yet, cant vouch for it’s quality

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