Predictions for 2007


*Eyelashes lightly fluttering on the cheeks and temples of friends will take off as a wildly popular new form of greeting.
*Ringxiety disorder will leave vast numbers of people twitching as it becomes increasingly difficult to find a unique ringtone in their urban surrounds.
*The War on Moisture (carried onto planes ) which superceded The War on Toenail Clippers, will in turn be superceded by The War on LeftHanders, Redheads, RollerBladers, Taxidermists & People Wearing Reflective Sunglasses.
*GooTube to get sued for a new viral video worm that enters then eats the spine, travelling inside the host body for 9 months and growing up to a metre in length, before finally exiting through the optic nerve at 1cm per hour.
*Having decided that growing older and colder is best avoided, humans will for the most part endeavour to keep their hearts and minds flexible in 2007, another step as natives into the solar century.

Cu on the flipside, may your internal cup of radness overfloweth in the new year.

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  1. just what i needed… rained in some sections, but that just made it all the more rewarding to make it through.. finally put some photos up to flickr, thanks to your prompting ;- )

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