4 More Horsemen of the TV Apocalypse


1. youtube.com may be a copyright car-crash waiting to happen, but the eyeballs are feasting for now. Imagine TV executives everywhere providing the soundtrack to this sample upload: The Big Lebowski – F_cking Short Version – fun.NY

2. Human Space Invaders – recreated by stop-motion animation of people sitting in auditorium seats. How can TV compete against people with internet connections and enough time on their hands to do this?

3. Who’d have thought cunnilingus in North Korea would be such a potent political wheelbarrow? Funniest political art piece I’ve clicked / watched in a long time.

4.http://participatoryculture.org – your very own internet TV platform, with four free components:
Democracy player – application for watching internet TV. Intuitive interface. Free and open source.
Video Bomb – Website for sharing videos, creating personal video channels, and filtering up the best videos online.
Broadcast Machine – Software for publishing channels (RSS feeds) of video from your website. Installs easily, supports BitTorrent, creates a browsable gallery.
Channel Guide – an open listing of internet TV channels– video podcasts, vlogs, and much more.

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