World Cup As Video Milestone


zidane Z-Z-Z-Zidane~! Legendary French soccer player, and after his headbutt, the top search term for the technorati blog search engine, filling 8 of the top 20 youtube videos, and inspiring the piece of code to the left ( via waxy). According to a newspaper with Italian translator glued to the replays, Italy’s Materazzi called Zidane “the son of a terrorist whore”, before adding, “So just f— off”. From the youtube videos uploaded ( some before the game had even finished~! ), we can read Materazzi’s lips, we also see the ‘nipple cripple‘ given by Materazzi, watch a music video of Materazzi’s greatest fouls, and re-live ze headbutt. ( ze headbutt animated? )

Another way of looking at all this though, is as another milestone in the emergence of a user-contributed global video network. Though many query whether or not video has a napster problem with copyright, it does seem as though there is now that little bit more expectation that video coverage of the freshest news will be easily found online. Youtube may have snared the limelight for now, but whether they or several competitors succeed seems irrelevant in the face of easy uploading, easy categorising, cross-referencing and peer to peer distribution. Bring it on.

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