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As Melbourne descends towards it’s version of winter, have been clicking through more online videos than usual. This German hiphop live video impressed with it’s visual flair, emcees projected onto, and standing against a back-lit screen – quite gorgeous sound-responsive work, made using the processing software. Also using processing, is this quite satisfying visualisation of turntable scratching found at , who also feature an overview of Johnny DeKam’s live video rig for a Thomas Dolby tour.

Steamshift in the UK ( who also maintains a good VJ related blog ), has a nice work in progress of a series of stacked shipping containers animating like an LED meter. Nice to see some lateral approaches to what sound-responsive VJ software can generate.

Nobukazu Takemura has quite a few well-made electronic albums under his Japanese belt. Apparently the music videos from his album Scope, all link together to form an experimental film ( directed by Corey Smith ). 160MB download ( via antville ). More Scope-film info @ And a blog recently emerged dedicated to highlighting Japanese TV shows, in all their technicolour perversity.

New tools? Quartonian Mixer gets an update ( still free ). Jack for mac osx just released a new version of their software which allows audio to be routed between applications, and will apparently soon do the same for midi and osc. And there’s been plenty of hype about the ‘Red Camera‘ on the horizon – a camera supposedly capable of recording ‘4520 x 2540 via a sensor large enough to adapt to standard 35mm lenses normally used by film cameras, at a price 10 times cheaper than its comparable 4K competitor Dalsa. Nice to see costs coming down, but it’s still a US$17K camera – am personally more interested in seeing how ingenuity can overcome budget limits, than what someone can make with $300 million. Unlike say, James Cameron who is thinking of a 3D remake of the titanic. Says he in a BBC article – “I won’t make movies for mobile phone screens”. The Eyecandy mailing list is a treasure trove for those who might wish to peruse endless arguments about whether resolution is the most important factor within VJing.

Conspiracy video for the weekend? Try ‘Pentagon Strike‘ which fairly convincingly draws into question the actuality of what happened on the September 11 Pentagon strike. Found via stealth falk-er.

And breathing down my neck : a review / tutorial for using the 3ivx codec to compress movies for online viewing, the VJ Book : Live Cinema Unravelled review, and Sketch Up Pro review ( Pro version of the 3D software that let’s you insert 3D models into Google Earth, with some movie capturing capacity ).

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