DIY Transparent Giraffes


The Wooster Collective facilitate an ever-fresh feed of visual street delights, but their recent series of How To Guides is more entertaining than they’ve been in a long-time.
#12 – Blek Le Rat’s How to Survive in the Graffiti World Without Selling Your Soul , #9 – Lepos’ How To Plan A Viral Marketing Campaign, #7 – Flower Guys’ “How to Stretch Your Reach”, #5- Brad Downey’s How To Become Invisible, #3 – Logan Hicks’ How To Make Prison Wine, #2 – Dave The Chimp’s “How To Quit Smoking” and the irresistible #4 – Mark Jenkins’ How to Make a Plastic Bag Eating Giraffe.

Autobot Roulette:

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