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With the forthcoming Nintendo, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles horizon-hovering like gigantic, death-coated spaceships, a worthwhile dip beneath the empire radar, nevertheless reveals – a wealth of stealth, DIY and black market options for the discerning gamer.

It’s hardly surprising online games are booming, given their ease of distribution and their lack of console related development costs. These are only a tiny grab of the games and game portals kicking along : – arty games to play, amongst reviews, musings and other news. – arty game blog – More game blogness. – Play thousands of classic arcade and console video games in your browser. – uhuh. – Crude, toilet humoured perversions done like only the British can seem to manage. – Spy clips of latest games in progress. – utterly enchanting flash game by makers of The Polyphonic Spree promo game a while back. ( ) – Must.Kill.Zombies. Free multi-player game of survivor vs zombie outbreak in a quarantined city. – Free anime style role playing game with gorgeous graphics.– Vampire or Slayers wanted for free horror role playing game. – Another free monster filled role playing game.

Google Map Games
Aside from annoying the National Defence & Security officers of many nations, the globe-browsing capacities of Google Earth have also spawned a few games: – Decipher screenshots from Google Earth and try to figure out where they are from. – Build armies to go around the world and capture cities, “the first truly interactive game built using Google Earth” – Risk via googlemaps
And my personal favourite – Find the Black Helicopters ( found via )

Autobot Roulette:

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