Collaborating With ‘You Are Beautiful’


sample pages in you are beautiful book

In July 05, You Are Beautiful held an exhibition in Chicago of 100 books gathered from all over the world. They’d made a call-out one year earlier and sent out blank books to be filled by artists the world over. I managed to get one of them and posted it back full of drawings, paint smears, collages and markings by a fair flock of Melbourne artists. It was strange to be sending away a book after holding onto it for so long, and seeing it develop, but I did at least scan in all 130 pages before posting it, which I’m hoping to try animate at some point in the future ( if you look at the pages here, you can see artists were asked to loosely follow the theme of a flowing line, we’ll see how well that translates to motion later ). It was a pretty cool project to be involved with, kudos to the Chicago kids for pulling it off. You can glimpse some of the other crazy books they got back here.

brisbane 2004

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