Made In What Bioregion?


Tangent trigger from the ‘Made In Sheffield’ disc just reviewed, but seems relevant enough given the low scores most of us city-dwellers would get in the ‘bioregional quiz’ recently posted online by author Kevin Kelly.

rain in the membraneWhat’s a Bioregion? – ‘An area that shares similar topography, plant and animal life, and human culture – with boundaries defined by natural features rather than political borders’. Yeah, yeah – but rather than jump on the bioregionalism bandwagon ( there is actually a googlable movement of ’em out there ), what this quiz is useful for is pointing out how disconnected most of us are to the surrounds that sustain us. The full 30 questions are available here ( ), as well as recommendations on how to find out the answers. And if these samplers aren’t enough, ( & should satisfy any remaning eco-quiz appetites )

1) Point north.
2) What time is sunset today?
3) Trace the water you drink from rainfall to your tap.
4) When you flush, where do the solids go? What happens to the waste water?
5) How many feet above sea level are you?
10) Name five native edible plants in your neighborhood and the season(s) they are available.
11) From what direction do storms generally come?
20) Name five birds that live here. Which are migratory and which stay put?
23) If you live near the ocean, when is high tide today?
27) Where does your electric power come from and how is it generated?
28) After the rain runs off your roof, where does it go?

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