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It’s a snap today to publish movies online as .3gp files ( an export option in quicktime ), thereby making them accessible and viewable by anyone with a mobile phone capable of playing video. Similarly, with a few steps, movies can be exported as compatible for Sony’s portable PSP console. While she is also developing a pilot show for broadband users ( Jupiter Green ), Melbourne film-maker Kylie Robertson fully recognises both the market opportunities and interactive potential available with mobile media, and is the project director behind Girl Friday, a ‘live action interactive sitcom series’ aimed at both the broadband and mobile platforms.

“The mobile screen should be viewed as just another canvas for filmmakers to explore,”says Kylie,”Mobiles.. give us an opportunity as storytellers, to encourage an intimate connection between the user and live action characters.” Girl Friday then, will feature direct SMS communication, allow public submitted mobile video content, and give access to Girl Friday’s voicemail.

Worth keeping in mind is WiMax – which is a high speed wireless technology coming onboard over the next few years which will allow users to stay online within a 10 mile range. Wimax will be to adsl and cable, what cell phones are to landlines. Obviously the networks are only going to get faster, and more mobile oriented – but the jury is out on whether people will really want to watch films on small devices – and whether the experiences of immersing in music and video require fundamentally different concentration.

Nonetheless, on the more home brew front, hackers are busy carving away at the PSP in particular, both figuring out ways to run linux on it – and thereby turning it into a very flexible portable machine, and figuring out how to run home-made games on it.

http://spinach7.com/molife/index.php ( Australian mobile media list via Spinach)

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    wimax is to dirty bomb

    pocket based cinema = glowing genitalia

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