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What with portable electronic data devices, electronic ink and shrinking technology it seems inevitable that our magazines will have working hyperlinks one day. This week’s column is ready for that ( comes out in paper too, deear web reader), with a range of embedded web-addresses for future historians looking back.

Guerrilla Knitters
Aye, it seems even knitting can be given a rebellious facelift with a few political brushstrokes. The Knit 2 Together exhibition apparently taps into the ‘anti-capitalist’, ‘consumer-resistant’ movement of subversive UK knitters currently playing with wool, needles, sexual imagery and adult concepts. Maybe something to look into for electronic artists wondering why the Australia Council recently abolished their New Media department ? And to help would-be revolutionary knitters, the knitting movement mirrors the modern communication tactics of terrorists, sending instructions to each other all over the globe. Sayeth artist Shane Waltener, “By knitting you are resisting capitalism and consumerism. You are not responding to the fashion industry; you are making your own decisions.”.

Animated Karaoke Deers
Honest to goodness, whether this thing exists as prank photoshoppery or actual purchase-able product, the future of entertainment seems a little clearer with ‘Buck The Animated Deer’ ( search for ‘animated deer’ ). At only $159.98, a life-size wall-mounted Buck-Deer sings, dances and moves to the beat. And sometimes, there’s no point trying to improve on promotional writing :
“Let Buck be the life of the party as he moves and grooves to the music. Mount him on the wall and let your friends admire your hunting skills. Then click the wireless remote… and get ready! Enjoy their stunned surprise and side-splitting laughter as Buck belts out songs like “Rawhide,” “Friends in Low Places,” and “Sweet Home Alabama” while his head bobs, his mouth moves exactly to the words, and his ears wiggle to the beat. Use the included wireless microphone to join the song karaoke style — or watch his mouth move as you entertain your guests by speaking through the microphone! Buck looks incredible in your den or bar and adds flawless animation for party memories that will last a lifetime. Includes Buck with removable antlers, wireless microphone, remote control, mounting bracket and hardware, and DC adapter.”

Mp3 Blogs
Blogs & automated publishing systems are always adding new ways to easily enrich the reader’s web experience, providing simple ways to show the reader more about what the author is reading, photographing and listening to. That and continued cheapening bandwidth, this has lead to a flourish of mp3 blogs – blogs with embedded mp3 files accompanying the writing of bedroom music fans the world-over ( or the world is over, if record companies are to be believed ). Tofuhut has links to gazillions of these, and as this boy writes, he is listening to a new track by The Books, previewed via For someone else’s top 10 net label releases of 2004?. And don’t forget the locust collection.

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