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Next time some party-drunk starts spouting astrophysics from ‘A Brief History of Time‘ to prop their IQ, just chill. Gently observe the feng shui of the room, blow spiralled smoke in their face, and ask if they’re familiar with Stephen Hawking’s hip-hop side project.

Yessiree, Jean Poole bee deliverin’ you the cultural advantage with this here candid interview with the world’s most famous wheelchair stricken scientist, about his little known MC activities.

Q: What’s your next book or current research about?
A: I am currently trying to determine whether or not “Hammer Time” is relative.

Q: What prompted the move from quantum physics into emcee-ing?
A: Yo! Even before I was dropping wax I was a playa’. When I was just doing the science sh*t, I knew something was missing. Then I happened to see the Beastie Boys when they came and performed at the University and it was like: BAM!

Q: How has the scientific community responded to your hip-hop work?
A: Fuck them, the punk-ass mutha-fuckas! They all: “we don’t think that this is proper behaviour for a scientist of your stature” and shit. Although there are a few exceptions. Stephen J. Gould is a hardcore mutha-fucka; I got his back.

Q: And the hip-hop community to your science?
A: Yo! At first they was like, “who the fuck is this egg-head tryin’ to bust rhymes?” But once they saw I was legit they came around. I got nothing’ but love for my fellow hip-hoppers. Except for Dr. Dre (both those mutha-fucka’s, the one that was in NWA and the big frankenstein looking mutha-fucka who hosted Yo! MTV Raps like fifty years ago), those bitches ain’t got no Phd’s!

Q: Are there any other scientists you’d like to do an MC battle with?
A: All them so-called “Creation Scientists”, I’d like to go one on one with them ignorant punks! Them and Bill Nye the Science Guy, that bitch needs a beatin’!

Q: What do you think of the growing popularity of gangsta physics?
A: Yo, rap is all about dropping science. It was only a matter of time before rap and science converged.

Q: If you don’t mind me asking, do you have much problem with mike control?
A:(Hits interviewer over head with microphone ) How’s that for mic control muthafucka?

Q: What’d you think of the eminem & elton john duet?
A: Don’t you mean SIR Elton John? That mutha-fucka’s been knighted. What the fuck’s up with that? I mean, I ain’t never seen Elton John jousting and shit. Fuck, I’ve never even seen him on a horse! And back when he used to wear all that fucked up Liberace shit, I never once saw him chillin’ in plate mail. Shit, bring me a goddamn Bastard Sword and I’ll cut that mutha-fucka up like Doomsday on a cross-fade! Fucking “knight” my ass!… What was the question again?

Q: Who would you like to work with?
A: That all depends on what kind of work I’d be doing. If I was working on a house, I would like to work with Norm from “This Old House”.

Q: Who are you listening to at the moment?
I listen to all kinds of music, you know what I’m sayin’? Right now I’m chilling with Jurassic 5, and Tool primarily, but I’ve been dusting off my old Public Enemy platters. I’m also down with Zeppelin and shit, and I’m way into Rage Against the Machine. But if I had to pick one band, and only one band, to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be (without question), Tenacious D!–the Greatest Band on Earth!

Q: Got any lines / rhymes on artificial intelligence? (and when do u predict it?)
A: As far as predicting A.I. is concerned, I got no fucking idea; I’m a theoretical astrophysicist, not a fucking computer scientist. However, if that piece of shit movie Spielberg just put out is any indication, I’d say don’t hold your damn breath.

Q: Your thoughts on Australia?
A: Well, first I gotta say: where do you muthafuckas get off calling koalas ‘bears’? Have you ever seen a bear? They’re big-ass sonsabitches with sharp teeth and claws. A grizzly bear, that’s a bear. A polar bear, that’s a bear. Fuck, even pandas are bears. But a koala? Bitch please. Aside from that, Australia’s dope. We used to send our prisoners their; that makes Australia the worlds biggest maximum security prison. That means all you muthafuckas are hardcore! Oh, by the way, the world forgives you for Yahoo Serious; but don’t try that shit again.

Q: What ideas have you got for future film-clips?
A: I think my next video is going to be for ‘All My Shootings Be Drivebys’. Some serious gangsta shit, know what I’m sayin’?

Q: Any plans for an Australian tour?
A. I won’t tell, but time will.

Q: And finally – how do you cope without being able to skateboard?
A: Yo, I’m constantly rolling! I catch mad air on the half-pipe. Lately I’ve been working on a phatt 720, but I’m having some trouble landing it.
Wanna hear what ‘e=mc squared’, or ‘fuck the creationists’ sound like? Check the lyrics, mp3s and letters section of this astrophysicist’s much neglected vocal side.

Star Wars gangsta rap ( or youtubed )
The force like u ain’t nevah heard it b4.Flash animation of star wars with the mc flava.
A Hip Hop Peace movement? Peace y’all, and none of that terrorism OR war of terrorism stuff now y’hear?

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